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I have seen very few such joints where the quality, service and customer satisfaction takes the highest priority and I can say without any doubt that caterspoint is among those few outlets.

Perfect food and mind blowing presentation will surely take you to the wonderland of taste. Started by Mr Anshu Raj, a chef who had worked with brands like ITC, Caterspoint is surely one of the best value for money options available in Gurugram which offers awesome preparations with world class quality ingredients. The menu is very exciting with different options available from various cuisines including American and Mexican. They are exploring the B2B options in Gurugram and I have seen their food getting delivered to many corporates (with good feedback :)).

I ordered gourmet veg caesar salad, veg paradise sandwich. Salad was too tempting with the assorted lettuce, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, black onions & red onions. It tasted really good with croutons, parmesan cheese and the superb caesar dressing.

Veg paradise sandwich had soft and heathly wholegrain bread with freshly cut vegetables.It is a perfect combination of pimientos, mushrooms, jalapenos, olive and cootage cheese coated with corn-mayo sauce.

Khati meethi bhel Puri was a light snack served red and mint sauce. In addition, they have put basil leaves and healthy seeds to make it more nutritional.

Tropical fruit juice and wild blueberry shake were a delight to have. The wild blueberry mixed with banana and sweetened milk was healthy and at the same time too yummy. One can feel the quality of the ingredients used in every sip.

Mushroom cheese penny grilled vegetables
was a well prepared italian pasta. Fine bell peppers, herbs and olives mixed with the white sauce delivered the perfect end product.

Vietnamese grilled chicken salad was delicious. A healthy grilled chicken salad, tossed with refreshing vegetables served along with yogurt sweet and spicy dressing. Loved this signature preperation by Anshu Raj.

Cream cheese fruit custard was served in a jar which was very well presented. The low fat custard loaded with cream cheese and fruits, topped with pumpkin seeds was superb. Rose fruit mousse was another gem from their menu. The innovative preperation with tropical fruits and healthy seeds mixed with low fat greek yogurt and loaded with blueberry and pomegranate. Rose petals asded to the taste and beauty of this lovely dessert.

Verdict – If you are looking to have some worldclass quality heathy food, then Caterspoint is the place you should consider.

ChaskaSafari Rating – 4.5/5

Address – S-27/11, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon

Check more about Caterspoint at below link:

Caterspoint Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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